Avg price of rural homes in Colorado Springs Up
El Paso County Market Reports

Rural Colorado Springs Home Prices are Hot, But Not Out Of Control

Well, if you have been waiting for the real estate market in the Colorado Springs area to crash again; you are going to be disappointed.   Despite this years snow and frigid temperatures in the teens;  rural homes in El Paso County, Colorado, on 5 or more acres were still selling very well.    The Colorado …

Landscaping for Colorado Homes with Views
Colorado Landscaping Woodland Park

Landscaping Ideas for the Backyard of a Colorado Home With a View

Are you wondering how to landscape the backyard of a home that has a great view? If so, read on for a few ideas, do’s and don’ts. This morning as I was glancing though some pictures that I took of some homes in Woodland Park, CO back in August. I realized that I rarely took …

Simple chart of key sales facts and figures for Black forest land sales 2018
Black Forest Land & Lots Market Reports

Analysis of 2018 Land Sales in the Black Forest Area

The real estate market as been doing very well in the Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas in El Paso County. This has been true for both residential real estate and unimproved land and lots.  Since I specialize in rural lifestyle properties, which I have chosen to define as homes, farms and ranches on five …

2018 Black Forest Home Sales Summary
Black Forest Market Reports

2018 Home Sales Report for Colorado’s Black Forest Area

I am a real estate agent that specializes in Colorado homes on acreage, horse properties, farms, land and ranches. I spend the majority of my time working in the Colorado Springs area, which is located in El Paso County and the surrounding counties. Within El Paso County, Colorado, the Black Forest is one of the …

El Paso County Land & Lots Market Reports

2018 Land Sales Summary for Colorado Springs & El Paso County

One of the most common questions I get is: “How is land selling?” Short answer: Land in El Paso County, also known as the Colorado Springs area, sold well in 2018. Compared to 2017, the total number of land sales increased. The average and median sales prices increased. The average and median sales price per …