summary of the price of Colorado Springs land per acre from 2019 to 2018
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Price of Land Per Acre in the Colorado Springs Area: May 2019

Have you been thinking about buying or selling land in the Colorado Springs area? If so, it helps to have a good idea of how much land in El Paso County is currently selling for. In this article, I will only be discussing lots that are located in El Paso County and are at least …

Colorado Springs rural average home price as of May 2019
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How is the Rural Colorado Springs Real Estate Market Doing?

As a real estate agent, I specialize in rural properties in Colorado. The single most common question I get asked is, “How is the real estate market doing? In this article, I will be discussing the rural Colorado Springs real estate market as of May 31, 2019. If you are a seller, you will be …

Calhan Co Snow in January 2019
El Paso County, Land & Lots, Market Reports

In Spite of Winter Weather: El Paso County CO Land is Selling in 2019

After analyzing the 2019’s El Paso County, Co land sales; I felt encouraged. People were still out looking at land and buying land despite the wintry weather that we had in January and February. In this area, we rely on snow to provide the all important moisture that our pastures and trees need. In the …

Avg price of rural homes in Colorado Springs Up
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Rural Colorado Springs Home Prices are Hot, But Not Out Of Control

Well, if you have been waiting for the real estate market in the Colorado Springs area to crash again; you are going to be disappointed.   Despite this years snow and frigid temperatures in the teens;  rural homes in El Paso County, Colorado, on 5 or more acres were still selling very well.    The Colorado …

Landscaping for Colorado Homes with Views
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Landscaping Ideas for the Backyard of a Colorado Home With a View

Are you wondering how to landscape the backyard of a home that has a great view? If so, read on for a few ideas, do’s and don’ts. This morning as I was glancing though some pictures that I took of some homes in Woodland Park, CO back in August. I realized that I rarely took …