Wild Horse canvas art print by Lisa Audit
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Dreaming of Spring & Horses: Lisa Audit Canvas Art

Here in Colorado, I find myself dreaming of spring, as I admire Lisa Audit’s canvas art print, the “Wild Horse 1.” A beautiful grey horse is standing in a field pretty pink flowers. Yet, the weather forecast is predicting more snow later this week. So, I allow my gaze to linger back to her painting.


Wild Horse  – Canvas Art Print

I initially bought the Lisa’s art print for my private collection. Yet, I felt this canvas art print would be a great piece to use for home staging. The grey horse on the light background would look beautiful against a variety of wall colors. It would look nice against a white wall or a grey wall. The color of the horse and it’s background are just warm enough that it would also look nice if it was displayed on a beige wall.

The art print was unique in that the horse was standing in a field of pretty pink flowers. Most horses are painted in a field of grass. Or they are painted against a nondescript background. I also loved the pink flowers. Millennial pink flowers. Thus, this art print can be used to update or modernize a room without trying too hard to be trendy.  Yet it is trendy.

For better or worse, my copy was purchased. So, this evening I was looking on Amazon to see if anymore were available. I was also curious to know a little more about the artists.

If you would like to see some of her other canvas art prints, here are a few of my favorite that I found on Amazon.    Some of seller offer a variety of sizes, so you could find one that fits your needs.   Be warned, since I tend to prefer western design, rustic and farmhouse designs; the samples below fall into those categories.

About Lisa Audit:

I discovered that Lisa Audit, is a Canadian artist that loves painting flowers. She paints with oils, watercolor, acrylics and pen and ink. In addition to flowers, her work commonly features other botanical and some animals.

Due to her young age, I believe it would be safe to say that her artwork quickly became a commercial success. I didn’t see a single wrinkle on her profile picture. Lisa studied graphic arts in college. After graduating, she provided designs for several wallpaper companies. Currently, in addition to her canvas art prints, her work can be found in a variety of other places. It can be seen on stationary, fabrics and a variety of other decorative household items.

What about you?   Are your dreaming of spring?  Do you prefer her farm animals, the horses or the flowers?    If you have have purchased one of her pictures, feel free to share that photo of how it looks in your house.


Best wishes,


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  1. Hi Sondra. What a beautiful painting! I love the grey and pink tone and I have to say, a grey horse is my favourite. Here in Australia we have the ‘Melbourne Cup’. It’s an internationally famous horse race that literally stops our nation for approximately 3 minutes because all eyes (and wallets) are tuned to the race. In Victoria it is a public holiday – can you imagine? A day where most people do not have to go to work or school because of a horse race! Crazy 😜 I know nothing about racing or horses in general, but make a point to always back a grey horse if there is one in the race.
    I like a nice painting and once bought a gorgeous painting of a chicken! It’s hung in my dining room, much to my husband’s perplexion. Maybe a grey horse will make a nice companion!

    1. Thanks Coreena! I had to laugh about your always backing a grey horse. I used to do that myself. Personally, I think I would love your chicken picture in your dining room, even if it does not have any companion pictures. I hope all is going well for your with your budgies.

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