If you are thinking about buying or starting a small farm or ranch in El Paso County, be sure to consider Calhan, Colorado.   Calhan is located northeast of Colorado Springs.  The land around Calhan is primarily open, rolling pastureland.

Calhan is conveniently located on Highway 24 between Colorado Springs and Limon. It is just just far enough away from Colorado Springs and the mountains that the land prices are very reasonable per acre. Yet, the 35 minute drive to downtown Colorado Springs is manageable.

Calhan has the distinction of being, “The highest incorporated non-mountain town in the United States”   The town of Calhan is 6,508 feet above sea level. The town is .86 square miles.  It is not very big.  It doesn’t even have a red light.

There are two gas stations, a grocery store, a feed store, a sports bar/restaurant, an auto parts store,  a livestock auction sale barn with a cafe, a police station and numerous other shops.

Things to Do and See in Calhan

Even though Calhan isn’t in the mountains and there are very few trees, there are actually a lot of interesting things to do in the Calhan area besides working on your farm or ranch.

Calhan is home to the 750 acre Paint Mines Interpretive Park. The Paint Mines are an archeological treat with a beautiful variety of colorful geological rock formations. The park has four miles of trails and is home to lots of rabbits. It is not uncommon to see other wildlife also. Due to the fragile nature of the rock formations, horses are NOT allowed at the Paint Mines. Although there are a couple of overlooks, the Paint Mines are best appreciated if you hike into the park and see the formations up close.

The Calhan Wind Farm: In fall of 2015, about a 145 wind turbines scattered across pastures around Calhan became operational. In some ways, the wind turbines are like giant pinwheels scattered across an otherwise bare horizon. In some spots, the mountains provide a backdrop for the wind turbines. Some people love the wind turbines and the engineering marvels they represent. Some people hate them even though they understand the need for clean energy. Regardless, the wind farm in Calhan is worth seeing up close at least one.

Calhan is the the home to the El Paso County Fairgrounds and Events Complex.   

• Open Horse Riding in the Indoor Arena: From January – April 2017, the indoor arena is available to riders between 9 am – 3 pm.
• Gymkhana Series: 2017 Snow and Go Winter Gymkhana Series and the Silver Buckle Gymkhana Series are held at the fair ground complex.

• 2017 marks the 112th year of the El Paso County Fair. It will run from July 14-22nd.
• From April – October, the El Paso County Speedway, located on the fair grounds, has events on most Saturdays.
• Numerous club meetings are held at the fair grounds.
Rock Island Trail – The Rock Island Trail is a 23 mile multi-purpose trail that runs parallel to Highway 24 between Falcon and Ramah. Horseback riding on the trail is allowed.
The Ramah Reservoir State Wildlife Area (SWA) encompasses 800 acres and is managed by Colorado Parks & Wildlife. It is in El Paso County on Highway 24, seven miles east of the town of Calhan. It is 4 miles west of Ramah. The Ramah SWA has hiking and bird watching trails, an archery range, some hunting and fishing. Visitors need to comply with state hunting and fishing regulations.


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