Located at Eastern edge of the Black Forest; Peyton, Colorado has the most diverse scenery and nicest equestrian home sites around. The lots in the Peyton area may have views of Pikes Peak and the mountain range, rock bluffs, pine trees, the Bijou Basin and/or open pasture land.


Sun coming up in Peyton, CO
Winter Morning Sunrise in Peyton, Colorado


See Peyton, CO real estate market report as of 3/11/17 for an updated report on how many homes are for sale in Peyton, CO by price range and how many homes are under contract


Peyton Pines Sign in front of the Bijou Basin
Peyton Pines Sign in front of the Bijou Basin

Peyton Pines, the largest subdivision in located in Peyton, is comprised of predominately five acres lots with horseback riding paths throughout.

Other large subdivisions include Rivers Divide, and Reata. Peyton is also home to numerous other smaller subdivisions.  (More will be coming on those in the future.)


Peyton is also home to the 450 acre Homestead Regional Park. This park has over three miles of horseback riding and hiking trails, a spring fed pond, a playground and picnic pavilions.

If you are looking for a longer trail to hike or ride your horses on, the Rock Island Trail, runs through Peyton.   The Rock Island Trail is a 23 mile multi-purpose trail that runs parallel to Highway 24 between Falcon and Ramah. Horseback riding on the trail is allowed.

Peyton is about 25 minutes always from the big grocery stores, restaurants and gas stations in Falcon and Colorado Springs. It is about an hour away from South Denver. Peyton is far enough away from town that it is quiet and you can see the stars at night. Yet, in most cases, there are enough neighbors nearby that you won’t feel as if you live out in the middle of no where.

Snowy Day in Peyton Pines Subdivision
Snowy Day in Peyton








I’ll admit, I lived in Peyton for about three years so I may be a little bit biased. I always felt safe in Peyton. There is a little post office in Peyton that is absolutely amazing. IF you have to wait in line, it will be only one or two people at most. The people that work behind the counter are always friendly and in a good mood. Even though I ended up moving to a ranch with more land in the neighboring town of Calhan, I still prefer to buy stamps and to mail packages from the Peyton Post Office. Aside from the post office, Peyton has school,, a fire station and a charming mini-Western town. The mini-western town consists of a bar, a liquor store and a car sales place. The liquor store carries milk, eggs and a few other grocery items. Big R, located between Peyton and Falcon, was the closest feed and hardware store.   If you are looking for home in a rural subdivision with a pasture for your horses, be sure to consider Peyton.


Here are the sales, by price range for 2016.

Peyton, Colorado Home Sales By Price Range
Jan – Dec 2016
Sale Price (in thousands)  Sales, Number of
$0 – 50 0
$50 – 75 0
$75 – 100 0
$100 – 150 0
$150 – 200 4
$200 – 250 12
$250 – 300 5
$300 – 350 10
$350 – 400 13
$400 – 450 10
$450 – 500 3
$500 – 600 4
$600 – 700 2
$700 – 800 0
$800 – 900 0
$900 – 1,000 0
$1,000+ 0
 Total # Home Sales  63
Source of Data: Pikes Peak MLS