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Places to Photograph- Denver Bronco’s Mile High Stadium

Colorado is an incredibly beautiful state with lots of things to see and do. If you love photography, there are lots of places to capture some very memorable photographs. Even though I have lived in Colorado for almost 10 years, I have not begun to finish exploring everything. My problem is that when I find a place that I like, I tend to want to go back multiple times. The Denver Bronco’s football stadium is one such place.

The stadium’s official name is the Mile High Stadium. It is located on the west side of Denver. The address is 1701 Bryant St, Denver, CO 80204

The first time that I visited the stadium was a few years ago, I was with my kids. Well, I guess my kids are grown men. lol They love football. Now, from an NFL standpoint, they are Atlanta Falcon fans. So, they were excited to stop off there for a few moments to see the stadium. Yet, they don’t like the Falcon’s so much that they wanted to spend a lot of time exploring touring the facility. So that day, I simply recorded the venue as a place that I would like to photograph in the future.

Now I must admit, my dream football photography shots would be taken from inside the stadium. I would be on the sideline during a football game. Yet, since I have not ever earned that privilege for a Texas A&M University football game, I don’t have high hopes up being able to photograph a Denver Bronco game. ( I am an Aggie and I love attending the Aggie’s home games.)


4 Reasons Why a Photographer might want to Photograph the Mile High Stadium

1.  As the home of the NFL’s Denver Broncos, football stadiums are a part of American culture.   It is also home to the Denver Outlaws, a major league lacrosse team. The stadium also hosts football, soccer, lacrosse and rugby games.

2.  The sculpture of a herd of bronco’s running towards the stadium a beautiful and lively work of art. The sculpture’s features include a running stream, with real water. That is lit with blue and red lights.

3.  The stadium and/or the horses could be a foreground for some more unique Denver city skyline photographs.

4.  If you enjoy photographing lines and curves, the stadium itself is an intriguing work of art. The stadium, with a capacity of 76,125 people, is huge. The stadium itself offers photographers numerous opportunities to expand their skills and to create interesting photographs.

5.  After you photograph the stadium, there are many other things that you can photograph or do in Denver.  Time spent at the stadium, can serve as a great way to stretch and get some exercise before you head to your next destination.  Located just off of I-25, near I-70;  you can easily proceed to your next destination.  That might be Colorado Springs, Boulder, one of the mountain towns such as Keystone, Breckinridge and Vail that are all easily accessible from I-70.


Photographing on Superbowl Sunday  – No Game in Denver

Any way, about a month ago, I was able to stop at the Mile High stadium near sunset – with a camera and my iPad. Initially, I was hoping to get a shot of the Denver’s skyline behind the stadium. I found some potential places along a street that runs on the west side of the stadium to capture that kind of picture. There seemed to be enough little businesses with easily accessible parking lots and decent views.

Yet, on this particular evening, the sun was quickly starting to set. I was more interested in trying to get a good photograph the sculpture of the broncos running that is located near the entrance of the stadium.

Actually, I remember the day. I stopped by the stadium when the Super Bowl 53 was being played in Atlanta. The gates to the parking lot where closed, so I had to get out and walk up to the stadium. At this time of evening, on Superbowl Sunday, I only saw two other sets of people. There was also one security officer driving around. This was a great evening to take photographs with minimal people.

By the time that I walked up to the stadium, I was quickly losing light. So, I tried taking most of the snapshots with my new iPad pro. Only the week before, I was at a restaurant with a live band. I discovered the iPad pro takes great videos in low light.

So, on this particular evening, I opted to experiment with the iPad. Let’s just say for starters, I was automatically missing Canon’s wide angle lens. I was not happy with “snapshots” that I took that evening. Yet, I suppose they will help to plan future photo sessions. After all, unless you want to rely on luck – getting great photographs of cityscapes, sculptures and buildings requires some advance planning.


Mile High Stadium Denver CO


Have you photographed the Mile High Stadium?  If so, do you have any tips to share?

If so, thanks in advance…


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